Boosting Customer Engagement with ChatGPT: Tried-and-Proven Tips for Success

Boosting Customer Engagement with ChatGPT: Tried-and-Proven Tips for Success Source: ExpertGuru Articles

1. Innovative Avatars: Elevating User Experience Through Personalization in App Design

In the dynamic landscape of mobile applications, user engagement is a key factor in ensuring the success of any product. One effective strategy to enhance user interaction is by incorporating personalized avatars into the app interface. In this article, we will delve into the thought process behind choosing avatars for our app and the importance of infusing a personalization flavor into our product.

Choosing the Right Avatars

The selection of avatars plays a crucial role in shaping the user experience. Our focus is on providing a diverse range of avatars that not only cater to different preferences but also align with the individuality of each user. Considerations like brand, mission of the product, etc. were also taken into account. Among the options considered, the Expert avatar emerges as a standout choice.

Expert Avatar Variations

To enrich the user experience, we propose introducing the Expert avatar in both full-size and mini-size versions. This diverse range ensures flexibility, allowing users to select the avatar size that best suits their preferences and screen layout. Furthermore, we recognize the significance of reflecting the diversity of our user base. Thus, the Expert avatar will encompass variations in age and gender, providing a more inclusive and relatable experience for all users.

Cloud Avatar with Personalized Text

In addition to the Expert avatar, we are excited to introduce the Cloud avatar, a unique and customizable option for our users. The Cloud avatar serves as a canvas for personal expression, allowing users to incorporate personalized text. This innovative feature not only enhances the visual appeal of the app but also fosters a deeper connection between the user and the application.

Infusing Personalization into Product Design

The decision to incorporate these diverse avatars stems from our commitment to infuse a personalization touch into our product. We believe that allowing users to choose avatars that resonate with their preferences and identity creates a more engaging and enjoyable user experience.

2. Navigating the Challenges of Icon Positioning: A User-Centric Approach

In the realm of user interface design, the placement of icons plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall user experience.

Challenges Faced

When initially contemplating the placement of the chatbot icon, the bottom left corner of the screen seemed like a natural choice for both mobile and desktop versions. However, this decision posed unforeseen challenges, especially when we observed that many Shopify stores already featured a chat icon in that corner. In response to this discovery, a quick adjustment was made, relocating the chatbot icon to the middle right of the screen. This adjustment was driven by the immediate need to align with marketing requirements and avoid potential visual clutter caused by the presence of multiple chat icons in the same corner.

Final Solution: User Empowerment Through Customization

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a solution that places the control in the hands of the store owner. Now, store owners have the autonomy to decide the placement of the chatbot icon based on their unique preferences. Using a dropdown menu, store owners can choose between screen-left and screen-right options. Additionally, they have the flexibility to adjust the bottom and side margins in percentage, allowing for precise positioning tailored to the aesthetics of their store.

Preview for Informed Decision-Making

To facilitate an informed decision-making process, we introduced a preview feature for both laptop and mobile versions. Store owners can visualize how the chatbot icon will appear in their store layout, empowering them to make choices that align with their brand aesthetics and user experience goals.


In addressing the challenges associated with chatbot icon positioning, we have shifted from a one-size-fits-all approach to a user-centric and customizable solution. By providing store owners with the tools to choose the most suitable location for their chatbot icon, we aim to enhance user experience, foster engagement, and empower businesses to tailor their digital storefronts to meet their unique needs. This commitment to flexibility and customization reflects our dedication to delivering solutions that align with the dynamic and diverse landscape of online commerce.

3. Capturing Visitor Engagement: A Tactical Approach with ExpertGuru

In the dynamic world of online interactions, capturing visitor attention is a pivotal challenge. In this technical blog, we'll unravel the journey of enhancing visitor engagement with ExpertGuru, addressing challenges and implementing innovative solutions to ensure a seamless and attention-grabbing user experience.

The Challenge: Unnoticed Chat Icon

During a customer showcase of ExpertGuru, an unexpected challenge surfaced – visitors were overlooking the chat icon. Recognizing the need for heightened visibility, we embarked on a mission to refine our approach and ensure that visitors couldn't miss the valuable assistance ExpertGuru had to offer.

Solution 1: Bell Icon for Attention

To address the issue of unnoticed chat icons, we introduced a bell icon feature that rings with a catchy sound when a visitor remains idle for a configurable period. Store administrators can customize the duration, and the bell icon signals unread messages, accompanied by an engaging animation and sound, drawing immediate attention.

Solution 2: Attention-Grabbing Messages

Building on the concept of visitor engagement, we implemented pop-up messages like "Need Help!" or "AI Assistant," providing an additional layer of attention. The content of these messages is fully configurable, allowing store administrators to tailor the communication to match the tone and branding of their online storefront.

Solution 3: Tailored Welcome/Greeting Messages

Understanding the significance of the first impression, we integrated ChatGPT to craft personalized welcome/greeting messages. These messages, inclusive of the store domain and expertise, are carefully curated with friendly and inviting language, setting a positive tone for the visitor's experience.

Solution 4: Guided Onboarding with Clickable Questions

To overcome the challenge of visitor uncertainty regarding the questions to ask, we introduced clickable questions on ExpertGuru. Store administrators can set up these questions, providing a guided onboarding experience for visitors and encouraging them to actively engage by selecting from predefined queries.


In the quest for enhanced visitor engagement, addressing challenges and implementing innovative solutions is paramount. ExpertGuru's journey to capture visitor attention includes features like the bell icon for idle alerts, attention-grabbing messages, personalized welcome/greeting messages, and clickable questions for guided onboarding. By continually refining our approach, we aim to not only capture but also sustain visitor interest, fostering a dynamic and interactive online experience. The commitment to user-centric design and adaptability ensures that ExpertGuru remains a valuable asset for businesses seeking to maximize engagement in the competitive digital landscape.

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